In this Fireside Chat, we took some time to speak with Nancy Howell Agee, President and CEO, Carilion Clinic.

As health systems, hospitals, and clinics all over the world battle COVID-19, healthcare leaders are making tough decisions daily. Many small, nonprofit healthcare organizations are preparing their facilities and reserving their resources for the coming storm.

Like many hospitals, Carilion Clinic is a nonprofit without big budgetary margins. Leaders in these organizations are bracing for a hard year, financially. In addition to channeling their resources toward the pandemic, they’ve been forced to postpone elective procedures and non-essential surgeries–a move which, while saving valuable personal protective equipment (PPE), is also hurting their bottom line in the process.

Still, COVID-19 has opened up some promising opportunities in the healthcare industry, not the least of which is telehealth. The ability for doctors and other medical providers to serve their patients from a distance is exciting and will be valuable as a part of healthcare’s future.

“I hope that telehealth will continue after this crisis is over because we now know we can deliver care in a way that’s different, that saves money, and that our providers and our patients feel good about–even in the emergency departments,” Nancy says. “Imagine the follow-up you can do with telehealth. Imagine if you could screen a patient before they even come in and tell them which room to go to.”

Nancy is President and CEO of Carilion Clinic, a nonprofit, integrated health system serving over 1 million patients in Virginia and West Virginia. The system includes seven hospitals, free-standing surgical clinics, pharmacies, imaging services, home health, and a physician group of over 1,000 physicians.

Prior to being promoted to CEO in 2011, Nancy led as Executive Vice President and COO. She helped lead Carilion’s reorganization into a fully integrated, physician-led clinic. Carilion then partnered with Virginia Tech to establish a research institute and allopathic medical school. Nancy is nationally recognized as a leader in healthcare and is the chair of the American Hospital Association, among a number of father accolades.

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